The World is Yours on a Luxury Motor Yacht

A luxury motor yacht is your ticket to exotic locals and sites you may have only imagined. A luxury yacht can take you to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Europe, the Far East, or anywhere your imagination takes you. You can even sail the inland waterways in a luxury yacht and explore the countryside from the comfort of your poolside deck. If you can’t afford to buy a luxury yacht, you can still take advantage of their amenities by chartering a cruise.

The beauty of chartered cruises is that you are not locked into a pre-set itinerary; you are free to pick and choose the destinations and attractions you would like to visit. Many charter lines can help you plan a trip of a lifetime. You might decide to try your luck at the famous casinos of Monte Carlo, explore ruins in Italy and Greece, or book a safari in Tunisia. If you like white sandy beaches, the Caribbean awaits with islands spread all across the Bahamas and Bermuda. Another option is to just set sail and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the open water. It is your choice on a charter cruise.

One example of a finely crafted, luxury yacht is Mine Games, owned by businessman Chris Cline of Palm Beach. This yacht was built by Trinity Yachts and has every comfort. The interior and exterior living spaces were designed by master design artist, Patrick Knowles of Patrick Knowles Designs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mine Games has five staterooms that all include ensuite baths and plasma televisions with independent satellite reception. Two formal dining rooms and several outdoor decks give guests a choice of relaxation or entertainment. Mine Games will serve 12 guests in comfort and luxury.

Smaller yachts are available for a more intimate setting. The yacht Sea Stream accommodates up to eight guests and is a sleek luxury yacht from Ferretti. Built for speed, the Sea Stream doesn’t skimp on comfort. The four cabins are all equipped with ensuite baths and entertainment systems. She has a maximum speed of 33 knots and a cruising speed of 25 knots, making her one of the fastest ships available for charter cruises. Sea Stream specializes in deep sea fishing expeditions and will take you across the seas in luxury and comfort. No matter what plans you have in mind, a luxury motor yacht can take you there in style.

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