Explore the Ancient World from a Luxury Motor Yacht

A cruise to the sites of ancient Greece on a luxury motor yacht can give you a glimpse of how our ancestors lived. Greece is traditionally thought of as the seat of Western Civilization and you can cruise the many islands on your own yacht or charter one. A chartered yacht cruise gives you a chance to set your own plans and see the sites you want, not the sites a tour guide leads you to with a group of strangers. By chartering a luxury motor yacht, you and your guests can have an intimate cruise that will give you memories of a lifetime.

One example of a finely appointed luxury motor yacht is the Mine Games, owned by Chris Cline of Cline Resources and Development Group. You can charter Mine Games to cruise the Caribbean or Mediterranean and travel in comfort and style. Relax in your stateroom with ensuite bath, plasma television with independent satellite reception, or enjoy the seas on one of the outdoor decks. You can even lounge in the Jacuzzi and enjoy a cocktail from the swim up bar on the sun deck.

Once you arrive in Greece, take advantage of the sites and cruise the different islands. Each one offers a different set of ruins and beautiful sandy beaches for you to explore. Athens is a good starting point for tours of Greece. You can explore the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, and Thesseum, a Greek Orthodox Cathedral. A short drive will take you to the Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion which overlooks the Aegean Sea. A trip to Corinth will take you back to the time of St. Paul and his mission to the Church of Corinth in New Testament times.

On your way to historical Delphi, shop at Arachova for its famous, brightly colored cloth; and, once you arrive at Delphi, wonder at the sanctuary of Apollo and Castalia Spring. These are just a few of the ancient sites you can explore as you cruise the coastline and islands of Greece. You can hire a taxi or check out local tours. A cruise to the ancient world on a luxury motor yacht promises to be a vacation to remember.

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